Welcome to Bux-Mont Baptist Church!

We are a church founded on Biblical truth and practical application. Our desire and goal is to be impactful in and around the community by loving God with everything we have and loving people. We are imperfect people coming together to grow, help one another, and share the truth and love of Jesus Christ to those around us.

Our Core Values:

  1. The Gospel - At the heart of all we do is the knowledge of Jesus Christ's atonement for our sins on the cross. He, being fully God and fully man, willingly died on the cross as atonement for our sins, He then rose from the dead, thereby defeating death once and for all for those who turn from their sins and put their faith in Him. It is through Christ's gift on the cross that we are reconciled with God, are able to break the bondage of sin, and spend eternity in His presence.

  2. Truth - The Bible is the inerrant word of God written through human authors. We strive to teach Biblical truth in its entirety and base all of our decisions, sermons, and ministries upon that truth.

  3. Simplicity - As humans we have a tendency to complicate things. It is our desire as a church and as followers of Christ to live simply by focusing on loving God with everything we have and from that love of God, love our neighbors as ourselves.

  4. Hospitality - We aim for our church to be a place where all people, regardless of their issues, backgrounds, or problems, can come and experience the love of Christ, Biblical hospitality, Biblical teaching, and be transformed through the Gospel and the Scriptures.

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Church Staff

Pastor: Charles Blachford

Deacons: Dr. Neil Kenney & Joe Handoe

Creative Arts Director: Johanna (Jana) Viljoen