What is Kid's Club?

Kids (6+ yr.) enjoy worship and the sermon together with their parents, afterwards they meet with Club leaders to talk about the sermon; what they learned, and talk about any questions they might have while enjoying some treats! After the time of discussion, all the kids join together to play a group game! Graphic organizers are provided during the service to help children focus on the different aspects of the sermon. At this time, due to COVID-19, child care for children 0-5 is not being provided.

Why Kid's Club?

Parents can be the most influential model in a child's faith development. By allowing children to stay in service with their parents they are able to learn more about participating in worship and listening to sermons. 60-80% of children brought up in the church walk away from their faith by the time they reach college age. It is important for children to know they are a valued part of the church from the beginning. By age 6 children are accustomed to sitting for the same length of time as a church service, since they are in school.